Platform Technology

Platform Technology

Repebody ™ technology
ArtBody ™ technology
ArtBody ™ ADC
01    Repebody ™ technology  |  Target specific monovalent binder
  • Repebody is an antibody-like protein scaffold composed of LRR (Leucine-rich repeat) modules that have the same antigen recognition function as human antibodies but have completely different structures. The Repebody scaffold has low immunogenicity, high structural stability at high temperature and pH variation, and has the advantage of being mass-produced using Escherichia coli. 


  • Scaffold: 8 LRR (leucine-rich repeat) modules - 
    Four variable sites/module
    ⇒ total 32 variable sites

  • Selection of a target-specific Repebody by a phage display and panning

  • Affinity modulation of a selected Repebody by   modular evolution and site-directed mutagenesis
02    ArtBody ™ technology  |  Target specific bivalent binder
  • ArtBody technology is a dual target binder designed to maximize tumor selectivity by combining Repebody units. It can be produced appropriate binding affinity into homo- or hetero form, and innovative technologies engineered for optimization to balance rapid uptake by target cells with anti-cancer efficacy. 



  • M.W ~ 30 kDa
  • Binding affinity(KD) : nM ~ pM 



  • M.W ~ 60 kDa 
  • Binding affinity(KD) : pM ~ fM (avidity effect)
    - Variable depending on the target density
    - Optimal combination of appropriate Repebodies

03    ArtBody ™ ADC technology  |  Artificial antibody-drug conjugate
  • ArtBody scaffold that can be developed as an ADC was completed by introducing free cysteine that can conjugate drugs to ArtBody. ArtBody's DAR ranges from 1 to 4, so there is a wide range to choose from depending on the indication of the drug. 

ArtBody™ ADC technology


  • M.W ~ 60 kDa 
  • Binding affinity (KD) : pM ~ fM (avidity effect) 
    - Variable depending on the target density 
    - ArtBody with an optimal affinity for the highest selectivity toward tumor cells 

  • ArtBody is designed with optimal binding affinity and selectively binds only to tumor cells expressing a certain level of TAA. ArtBody technology offers multiple benefits over traditional Abs. The safety profile is as in the figure below and ArtBody binds specifically to tumor cells while being safe against normal cells, optimal it a highly specific and safe drug. On the other hand, therapeutic antibodies are toxic to normal cells by binding to all cells expressing the target antigen with high binding affinity. 

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